Seminar: Renewable solutions for the marine sector


SeaNRG aims to create a market for a certified drop-in marine biofuel that is sustainable and (long term) affordable. GoodNRG is the first sustainable fuel company with focus on aviation, shipping and road transport partnering with the following tier-1 industry players: SkyNRG – Future friendly flying, SeaNRG – Future friendly shipping and GoodFuels.  Dirk Kronemeijer is the founder of both SkyNRG and SeaNRG and has vast experience in market development for sustainable biofuels. He was named among the top 100 movers and shakers in bioeconomy globally 2013-2014. He has built SkyNRG to be a world leading company in biofuels for aviation, with a market share of about 80 %, and is currently working for renewable fuel for shipping.

Dirk Kronemeijer is coming to Oslo to for the ABN AMRO Norway and Dutch Norwegian Business Network event on Thursday March 5th on developments in renewable energy for transportation. This gave us the opportunity to host a meeting with key stakeholders for marine biofuels. It is also possible for one-on-one meetings with Dirk, please inform us if interested.

• The green shift to renewable ship transport, ZERO
• Presentation of SeaNRG, CEO Dirk Kronemeijer
• Sustainable Renewable Marine Fuel Project


Time: Friday March 6th at 12.30–14.30

Place: ZERO’s office, Youngstorget 1, Oslo




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